You Bond, I Winnetou

The intermediate status is as follows: The ARD does not show any Winnetou films more because the broadcaster group has not acquired licenses for it, ZDF shows Winnetou films because the broadcaster has acquired these licenses. The excitement and the comments about it show that both positions are accompanied with criticism and sympathy. And it turns out how valuable it is that public service television broadcasts two main programmes, so the Winnetou films disappear from the first and yet remain in the system through the second.

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Perhaps the public service broadcasters have found a way, and rather involuntarily, of how to deal with material that is judged under the currently valid criteria of cultural appropriation, sexism or gender. What one sends, the other does without, joy and sorrow are shared systematically (!).
The Winnetou films are not isolated cases. The early James Bond films are mentioned almost in the same breath. 007 hits women, in the face and behind, turns them away “when men speak”, and the scene between the secret agent and Pussy Galore in “Goldfinger” can be considered rape.

What women’s names!

In general, women’s names: Pussy Galore, Holly Goodhead, Xenia Onatopp or Octopussy. Above 50 Bond-Girls there has been so far, with most of them Bond had sex before more than 30 of them died. By then he had already forgotten the names – they were interchangeable and accessories such as exotic locations and fast cars. James Bond is downright toxic when it comes to sexism and MeToo—but that’s part of the ongoing attraction of these productions to quite a few.
Could one conclude: The ARD includes the Bond films in the program, the ZDF does without, is already on the road with Winnetou and the associated double helix of applause and boos.
It’s nice when these damned problems of the public service television channels can be solved in such a simple, even elegant way. Or? Or not?
One question still remains unsolved: who will show the “shoe of Manitou” in the future? by Bully Herbig? Lots of white people cavort there as I people, the main character is gay and wears a ros

What next for the “shoe of Manitou”?

arotes I costume. No good and well-intentioned public service television can and should not be burdened (vulgo: polluted) with this. So ProSieben? So ProSieben!

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