Planes still land in Berlin!

This is where scheduled flights to London used to take off, later we West Berlin children waved politely to the Queen: Greetings from Berlin-Gatow Airport! Because Tegel is tight and BER is outside the city limits, it’s Berlin’s, well, last airport – at least for two days.

At the weekend there is an airport festival again with landing machines and the usual hustle and bustle. The festival was canceled for two years due to Corona (usually attracts over 20,000 people), now it is returning at the weekend: the opening is on Saturday, September 3, 12 p.m., by the head of the Air Force Museum, Ralf-Gunther Leonhardt.

The first vintage cars will land on Friday, and the last planes will take off again on Sunday afternoon. The airport of the British allies has actually not been in operation since 1995 (and for some years now has not belonged to Gatow, but completely to Kladow).

Today, at most, aircraft and helicopters of the German Armed Forces land on the old runway stubs when special units train tricky manoeuvres: here is my Tagesspiegel story.

DLRG, THW, dog squadron of the DRK and many others also come to the festival on Saturday and Sunday. September 3rd and 4th, 10am-6pm, free admission. Info: The museum is visited by around 70,000 people every year and is easy to get to: for example, by express bus X34 via Heerstraße or by bus 135 from the regional train station in Spandau. It is a 10 minute walk from the bus stop.

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Tour of the Military History Museum (Air Force Museum) on the airfield in Berlin-Gatow: Outdoor exhibits:…Photo: Thilo Rückeis
Air Force Museum Gatow.Photo: Thilo Rückeis
At the Gatow airfield, parts of the runway were demolished; many single-family houses were built there – in the “country town…Photo: André Görke

Here the topics you can find in the current edition of the Spandau newsletter from the Tagesspiegel.

Finally more help for the water police and explains the costs and purpose of the new jet skis on the Havel. In any case, for years, newsletter readers had complained about noise and reckless frenzy on the Havel, now action should be taken. Because neighborhood, local recreation and last but not least water sports disturb behavior on the water.

City council on new leisure homesdaycare worries, animators and drunk and young people at the Glienicker See

Kladow gets a new weekly market – only when? Opening this weekend has been cancelled. Interview about the reasons and looking ahead to 2023

Sharp lane: The opening date of the popular park has been set

Siemensstadt gets new BVG express bus line

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Senate announces new road bridge to the west end

indoor season starts in swimming pools

HBO, BBO, HCO and Brandwerder: News from Spandau’s schools

Warming rooms and cooling centers in Spandau’s churches?

The first Christmas trees are delivered in Spandau

laying of stumbling blocks at the marketplace

Perfect view of Spandau: Visit to the Grunewald Tower

VfV Spandau plays in the German Handball Cup and wins e-athletes around HandofBlood as a sponsor

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anniversary: 20 years Motoryachtclub Prussia

Important for all water sports enthusiasts: Sport boat service is fixed

American Football: Spandau Bulldogs are playing for promotion to the second division

– Slate summer with many events: Wine Summer, Pyronale, Airfield Festival Gatow…

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