Minimum wage monitoring: Customs controls in Berlin shopping center

In Berlin, customs checked compliance with the minimum wage in a number of companies. Almost 100 customs officers were in a logistics company in the north of the city and in restaurants in a large shopping center in Mitte, as a spokeswoman for customs said.

The checks on Thursday were part of priority operations to monitor the compliance with the minimum wagewhich started early in the morning all over Germany.

The customs officers checked payslips, residence permits, work certificates and ID cards. Various violations of the minimum wage law and a lack of work permits were found. Some workers worked illegally and tried to flee. A number of documents still have to be evaluated, which will take time, said the spokeswoman.

Several hundred customs officers were on the road throughout Germany for the focus checks to ensure compliance with the minimum wage. All 41 main customs offices are involved, said a spokeswoman for the General Customs Directorate.

The tax collectors of the financial control undeclared work targeted numerous companies – from the car wash to the ice cream parlor to the nail salon. “It is particularly about the sectors that are subject to the statutory minimum wage,” said the spokeswoman. The General Customs Directorate announced further information for the afternoon. (dpa)

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